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Licht und Schatten

The most popularadvertising formats

We explain the most popular advertising formats in our magazine here. If you are interested in a placement, please feel free to contact us at any time.


The ad becomes thematich suitably integrated into the magazine and delivered ready for printing by the customer.

Kclassical aden  contain a collection photo, the logo, a slogan, the trade fair dates and a contact.

If required, we would be happy to take over your ad design, including coordination with you. We charge an administration fee of  195 euros plus 19% sales tax 

Contact us.

Data format: PDFx3

noeigenformat: 210 x 270 mm

Bleed: 3 mm on all sides

Printing method: CMYK uncoated offset

Color profile: PSO uncoated v3_Fogra52.icc

All elements  must be created in this color profile and then output in this when writing the PDFx3 file.



The advertorial heappears within the "First Look" section (collection presentation) in a selected segment and willthematically appropriate  by usintegrated.


2-seitiges Advertorial "Marken im Fokus"

Das doppelseitige Advertorial mit bis zu 5 Fotos + ausführlicher Artikel über Kollektionen und Marken-Botschaft wird in der Rubrik "Marken im Fokus" platziert. Das Kontingent je Bodywear-Segment ist begrenzt. Dadurch schaffen wir eine wirkungsvolle Veröffentlichungen Ihrer Highlights mit Alleinstellungscharakter.

Bookmark 4/4 colored

5.2 x 14.8 cm portrait format + 1 mm bleed on all sides.

Material 350-400g offset white

The bookmark is inserted between the U2 and the first content page and can be removed. It is not connected to the magazine by a dot of glue. It's loose.



If you would like to find out more about the structure, page structure or layout and design, you can get an overview here.

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