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Licht und Schatten

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We invite you to introduce your latest collections for Spring/Summer 2025, free of charge and within an exclusive setting, to the bodywear audience. For more information, please follow our guideline

Since 1949, the magazine has been the premium specialist reading for the lingerie trade, creative concept stores, trend agencies,  fashion houses and the manufacturing industry.



Subscription required


Please send us a download link with your collection photos + descriptions exclusively by email to:

Please note:

  1. Please submit all collection photos in

    300 dpi / maximum 10 MB / jpg format

  2. Please send us a detailed collection/photo description containing at least the following information: shapes, materials, colors, size range, special features, delivery date and much more.

  3. If you have several brands in your company, please send us a separate download link for each of these brands .



May 27th, 2024

Complement your presence and show your collections online...

Linie Now
First Look Gallery

Please send us an email with a download link containing your collection photos and contact person for interested traders to:
Please note:

1. Please provide us with all collection photos in:
72 dpi / maximum 1 MB per photo / jpg format

2. Please provide us with the contact persons/sales representatives (first name, last name, email, phone) from your company for interested parties wishing to order your collection.

3. If you represent multiple brands within your company, please provide us with a separate download link for each of these brands.



July 1st, 2024

Are you placing advertisements in the upcoming Linie issue

order season S/S 2025?

As an advertiser, you benefit from the additional and free presentation of your collections (of all brands) in our online section " FIRST LOOK GALLERY" . The prerequisite for this is that you send us your photos as described in the guide above.

You will not place any advertisements in the upcoming Linie issue

Order season S/S 2025

Take advantage of the opportunity to present your collection to the specialist public online in the "FIRST LOOK GALLERY" section. We charge a moderate flat fee of 300 euros per brand for this service. Take a look at the galleries and get inspired. Do you like the presentation? Book your placement > HERE .

Conditions of Participation


For a free, editorial collection presentation

in LINIE Magazin and LINIE Letter as well as on the online platform LINIE Now.

All photos - hereinafter referred to as works - are subject to copyright to protect intellectual property. By sending the works to the LINIE editorial team, the rights holder/representative confirms that they have the necessary rights of use and assures that they are authorized to grant these to the LINIE editorial team. The transmission takes place by sending an email or using a file sharing service. The rights of use are transferred simply and without any time or geographical restrictions. The rights of use are not transferred to third parties by the LINIE editorial team. The rights holder/representative also agrees that the works may be made publicly available by the LINIE editorial team and reproduced within the publications LINIEMagazin & LINIE Letter & LINIE Now. These publications are permitted without specifying the rights holder/author/representative and are always in the context of a trademark of the rights holder/representative. In addition, the rights holder/representative releases LINIE from any claims for damages and costs. To ensure optimal integration of the works, the LINIE editorial team receives permission from the rights holder/representative to edit the works in size and color. If you as the rights holder/representative do not agree to the above conditions of participation, please refrain from sending material to our LINIE editorial team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time:

For more information and advertising options, see our Manufacturer & Agency area

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