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The bodywear trade magazinefor the lingerie industry

Since 1949, the magazine has been the premium specialist reading for the lingerie trade, creative concept stores, trend agencies,  fashion houses and the manufacturing industry.

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Juli 2024

The lingerie print magazine shows what will influence the bodywear industry in the near and distant future, reports on national, international, social and fashion trends and their effects on the lingerie industry. Interesting projects and new concepts from the industry are presented in exciting interviews. Curated content picks up on fashion trends and themes and presents the new collections for each season. If you want to know more, read our issues regularly and also stay up to date with our free newsletter.

Linie is published for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons of each year with a comprehensive overview and specific specialist articles.


The Linie Letter informs the bodywear sector every 14 days conveniently by email about events in the laundry industry and provides useful information about business practices.

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B2B online portal

The industry online portal complements the print edition and presents collections exclusively in the First Look Gallery. Selected brands are examined in more detail in the Key Styles. Exciting interviews provide insight into how the industry works. Since most of this is B2B information, the online portal is only accessible to Linie Now members. Join our Community!

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